Interesting Korean-American #1: my son

It might be taking narcissistic parenting to new heights by parading my son on this blog but so be it. I think he adds a fun, young voice and he actually agreed to it. Enjoy!

Q: Does being half Asian-American inform what political candidates you like? (i.e. Are you one of the Yang gang?)

A: Definitely not a Yang Gang-er.

Q: What percent Asian do you feel you are? Percent Jewish?

Answer: I’d say 60/40? Like, I’m a HUGE Korean/general asian food fan, but maybe because it’s just objectively good 🤷‍♂️ But I don’t really connect much with other parts of asian culture- I think kdramas are kind of lame because they all have similar romantic/class conflict centered plots.

Q: Favorite Yiddish word?

A: Either kvetch (to whine) or commadavah (to obsess.) I also confuse the last one with the non Yiddish word “commando” (no underwear) because my Jewish grandma says both all the time!

Q: Favorite nyc bookstore?

A: the Kinokunya Japanese bookstore! (I probably spelled that wrong.) Second on the list would probably be the Strand. For non-NYC online bookstores, I like Firestorm ( and A Room of One’s Own (

Q: Maximalist or minimalist?

A: Maximalist at heart, minimalist on principle. My brain is capable of simultaneously shouting “fuck capitalism” and “$30 eraser pack from amazon do be so cute tho 🥺🥺🥺🥺”. But my room isn’t like… filled to the brim with useless stuff. I have a few verrryyy bigggg collections though (erasers, enamel pins, sew on patches, Pride stuff, anything frog related)

Q: Why frogs?

A: just relate to them on a spiritual and existential level. They’re super cute but underappreciated/ unloved and people don’t usually think of them as cute. They look adorable when they’re just vibing, especially if there’s a fruit or hat on their heads. Also the female ones change sex all the time so they’re like, the ultimate 🏳️‍⚧️ animal.

Q: What is a light-hearted thing you like to roast other trans people for?

Answer: we all have the exact same names, myself included. chances are, if you meet a trans guy, their name will be aiden/kayden/jaiden, elliot, alex, kai, or my own name, oliver! non-binary peeps are all named after some noun or abstract concept like Socks or Moss or Arson. It’s adorable, really, but kinda funny.

Q: Favorite feminist tome:

A: Anything by Audre Lorde or bell hooks. also Medium articles by Julia Serano are great in terms of a trans woman centered feminist perspective.

Q: five things usually found in your backpack:

A: A pack of HiChews, my frog hat, fidget toys, school stuff, a custom button made by a friend.

Q: candy you can’t get enough of:

A:.Weird flavors of Kit Kats, like lemon/mint.

Q: Skill you wished you had:

A: crocheting stuffed animals, making my own patches + enamel pins

Q: pick a superpower:

A: either going back in time to undo cringy things you did/said, or living forever.

Q: Best Korean dishes:

A: Ramdon and Korean army stew

Q; Kdramas— just for middle aged housewives?

A: Boys Over Flowers was pretty decent. They’re all so str8 though, and as I said, verrryyyy repetitive plots.

Q: Favorite kind of tik toks:

A: Most of my tiktok feed is either:

  1. oddly satisfying ASMR videos{an explanation i found online: “ASMR is a sensation of chills or tingling that starts from your scalp or back of your neck and envelops your body in the tingly sensation. The trigger is most commonly a sound, but some say they’ve achieved the same tingling feeling through certain sights as well. It can be anything from soft whispers, light crinkling of paper, the sound of brushing hair, and the sticky poking of slime”)

2. cursed absurdist gen z humor

3. frogs, possums, and other unloved yet cute animals

4. queer folks being queer

5. assorted pieces of political activism, writing advice, or really delicious looking food.

Q: : Procrastinator or anticrastinator?

A: big time procrastinator!

Q: Best replacement for cool:

A: swag

Q: best replacement for cool that a middle- aged mom can use without eliciting eye roll:

A: in that case, don’t bother. just keep saying cool.

Q: Best indie song:

A: Body or Hayloft by Mother Mother

Q: Dream trip:

A: either a month in paris eating at Le Cinq or a trip to Seoul and getting to eat all the great foods there!

Q: Bennifer II, yay or neigh or don’t care at all:

A: literally why would i gaf

Q: Best tired old mom story she repeats over and over:

A: either that one person who said you’re the funniest person they knew, that one person who said you’re the weirdest person they knew, or about that one friend who dumped you.

Q: Elon musk – autism hero or dunce? (Note my son is autistic and proud).

A: this is definitely where my “fuck capitalism” side comes in. elon musk is a rich, white exploitive asshole who just happens to be autistic. but in a sense i think it’s good because autistics are so infantilized and treated as some special breed of human who can do not wrong. so the world will finally see that autistics can be rich exploitative assholes too! equal opportunity assholery for the win!

Q: draw something cute:


Q: greatest insult in your eyes:

A: “You’re so basic.”

Q: nightmare job:

A: Police officer or fashion designer.

Q: strangest thing you ever ate:

A: Lamb brain and testicle omelette in Southern Spain and octopus with moving tentacles in Queens.

Q: middle aged parents who blog. Opine.

A: Kind of cringe but to each their own.

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