A “flip doll” I enjoyed making of the King and in the other side, the Queen from the Korean Drama, Mr. Queen. I recently read it’s a controversial drama for some Koreans based on some historical inaccuracies and other issues about the depiction of the historical period it is set in but I enjoyed it as someone less wed to Korean history. Note: he’s eating a cookie.
Large collage of Korean films/shows with rich Koreans behaving badly. I had fun using fake paper momey to make grass and patterns.
And the above drawing on coasters
Korean drama tarot card
My Korean zombie collage drawing. Made after taking photos and drawing every Korean zombie show ever made
May be an image of 3 people
Rose from Blackpink doll

I read an article today about an Asian-American woman finding comfort and strength in Korean dramas, films and pop culture during this moment of anti Asian-ness, and I thought “copy that!” I’ve experienced a surge of joy and pride in my Korean-American identity while watching stories about Asian people in which the focus isn’t our exotic status; they are just stories. I’ve got a slightly different perspective as someone adopted into a Caucasian, Jewish family who has few Asian friends. Having the chance to write, make art and share creative ideas with you makes me a happy person. Hope you enjoy! Below are a sample of drawings, dolls etc that I’ve made over the years.

From left to right: flip doll of good mom/bad mom from the Penthouse Kdrama, dolls from It’s ok not to be ok, mr Queen, Crash Landing on You and Boys over Flowers (including bad mom/good mom doll)
crazy middle-class asian
a sign I wore one Halloween
Image quickly drawn on a ceramic plate. Main characters from one of my favorite Dramas, Crash Landing on You, set in North Korea and South Korea.

My bulletin board of some inspirations/happy moments of my life-Korean teahouses I loved, street art escalator graffiti in San Francisco, kids’ notes to me, photo of police station i was left at in Seoul, Donald Trump scorpion shadow puppet i made, photos I cherish including mom and my two good friends, good rejection letter with penciled personal note on it from a literary journal I like, letter of recommendation I like from my recommender for my MFA application years ago, photo of friend and I at a treehouse exhibit a few days before due date and more. I like to update the board. See Post “My Life in Bulletin” for more.

a page from a book I made my kid before they were born re NYC
Sculpie of Kim’s Convenience characters
more roughly done Sculpies of Kim’s Convenience characters Jung and Kimchi
drawing of Anna Mae Wong, early Asian actress I admire

Just some drawings from my year plus of drawing every day

drawing from my flip book of drawings
trying out some color
Drawing of a photo of three Asian women. Need to find who did this photo and add it.

one of my kind of early drawings, a weak copy of Ingres
F Scott Fitzgerald

My drawing of an infamous photo of artist Marcel Duchamp playing chess with a naked lady, Eve Babitz. I was practicing drawing the nude body, something pretty new for me. Photo is by JulIan Wasser.

Coco Chanel as photographed by someone else
Camp Lo
Kim Jung-un at donut factory
Drawing of a well known photo of two French celebrities
Doll of Vincenzo, KDrama
Plate of Descendants from the Sun kdrama
My son
plate of my favorite scene from Boys over Flowers
Nancy Kwan, actress
painting for my daughter’s room
my Trump shadow puppet
29 rooms
A rough early drawing from my draw once a day year and a half. I think it’s funny when you see what records the famous kids book characters are choosing. See the boy from No David picking the Yeah yeah Yeah album, and Goodnight Moon bunny picking the Dark Side of the Moon album. I don’t get what album the Bernstein bear is holding though?
my parody of David Hockney pool paintings. I could do this better now I think. I did it a few years ago when I was just getting into drawing again.

Again, more early drawings before I tried to draw decent hands but I like these nuns in the water regardless. I imagined the nuns who brought me from Seoul Korea to the U.S. taking a break from childcare. Based on a photo I found online.
My first boss out of law school, a lawyer I really really disliked.
Also part of my Lawyers I do not Like series. Bleh.

Wood paper dolls of my lovely family. I didn’t include the one of me as i made mine look nothing like me and a lot younger, hah.
drawing of a photo of my husband’s mom, grandparents and cousins
Drawing of a photo
My youngest
Drawing of a photo
Bags I decorated. I like the one on the right because i cut up stretchy stim toys and studded them and I twisted them up for a fun handle.
Sculpie of main character from extraordinary attorney woo Kdrama about a brilliant autistic lawyer who loves whales and Kimbap. The whale broke in the oven.