Crazy Middle-Class Asian

Me and my curler
Me with a family favorite-our Steven Universe cheeseburger backpack—on a Storm King hike. (Photo taken by friend and wonderful photographer Jennifer Lombardo).
My Flip doll of the Evil mom/Good mom from classic kdrama Boys over Flowers

I’m a legal services attorney, wife, mother and Korean adoptee who is Jewish. I’ve got ADHD and a lot of interests including exploring my Korean identity in fun ways. I’m thrilled to write and have friends and family read this blog. I hope you enjoy the crazy mix of topics (flouting the sound advice to pick a real theme.) I’ll share creative writing, drawing, art/crafts, discuss ADHD, politics, treehouses/mini homes, Korean dramas/art/culture. Hope you enjoy.

Kdrama tarot card
My treehouse drawing
Drawing practice
Korean zombies
My squid game doll for my Squid Game party in the park
Sharpie drawings
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