New Year’s Give-Away (Korean snack box)

My quest to be more Korean to date has been admittedly lazy. Watching Korean dramas, using Korean beauty products and eating Korean food probably won’t make me more Korean. I realize it may require learning the language (but looking at the characters that look so similar to my old brain, I’m fearful) or learning some Korean history. But I’m hoping there’s a mystical Korean judge somewhere, who will give me baby points for rapidly watching Korean dramas and shoveling in Korean food.

I’m having such fun with this blog and am grateful to friends and family reading it as well as being pretty delighted that readers from Asia and Europe have found the blog. If you don’t mind sharing it, I’d appreciate that so much! I’m hoping it appeals to those with ADHD, adoptees, creative writers, arts and crafters, lovers of Korean culture and/or anyone trying to fit into a specific culture (not referring to Hilaria Baldwin I swear!).

Have a safe, healthy 2021.

If you leave a hello in the comments of my blog by end of the day January 4, I’ll blindly pick one winner from the comments to get a free Korean snack box shipped to you. (I can only send to those in the United States though for any readers outside!) Then you can join me in my efforts to be more Korean by eating crunchy snacks , which may conflict with a healthy eating resolution of course but K-snacks are compelling exceptions—think ramen packs, Shrimp Chips, milk candies and lemon basil Kit Kats etc.

4 responses to “New Year’s Give-Away (Korean snack box)”

  1. Maria Avatar

    Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elissa Avatar

      Okay cool you figured out comments. it seems others couldn’t but ttried. It looks like its you or my friend getting a box. I’ll have to toss your names in the air!


  2. Shana Kotelchuck Avatar
    Shana Kotelchuck

    I’m in! Who doesn’t love Korean snacks. Especially uplifting here in Vermont.

    Hello Ellissa! I love your blog! Rock on.


    1. Elissa Avatar

      I’m sending you some snacks. What’s your address?


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