Korean Daebak gift box unopened-Give Away for NYC friends

I’ve learned one wort of ADHD is ordering multiple things accidentally, e.g. ordering some ordinary amount of Swiss cheese on Fresh Direct only to get handed a 8 lb round of cheese by a Fresh Direct delivery man. Infinite fondue!!

Well I’ve done it again but this time with something arguably better than cheese-a box of Korean snacks, beauty products, a tote bag, drinks and other assorted things from a company called Daebak. My kids and I have received one of these surprise boxes every few months. I ordered two by accident so one is waiting a friend who wants it. Because it’d be super expensive to ship, I have to limit it to people in NYC withwhom I can drop it off easily. I think you’ll enjoy it. The skin products and snacks are great.

Just leave a hello on Facebook or comment on this post and I’ll blindly pick a winner out of the names. Last time, only a few people tried, so your chances are pretty great of getting this fun prize.

Hope you are all doing okay.



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